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【鉄道シリーズ】ハローキティ新幹線!~博多南線の旅~/ [Railway Series] Hello Kitty Shinkansen!

■ ネットビジネスに触れたこともない20人のモニターが平均週給27万円の報酬を上げたとんでもないシステムがあるんです。


On the Hello Kitty Shinkansen, I went on a journey on the JR Hakata South Line. It is a 300 yen one-way ride from Hakata Station to Hakatanan Station.
As it was also Saturday, there were a lot of families traveling on this Shinkansen, surprisingly, there were a lot of people being photographed. Then please take a look slowly.

【BGM】「In a Sunny Day」
【編集ソフト】Cyber Link Power Director 17 ultla
【出力】4K 4096×2160/30p(50Mbps)



制作者:【乗り物と旅チャンネル】THE FELLOWSHIP TV / フェローちゃんねる


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