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ドラえもん のび太のひみつ道具博物館 2013 Online HD

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ドラえもん のび太のひみつ道具博物館 2013 Online HD

Actor : Wasabi Mizuta, Megumi Oohara, Yumi Kakazu, Subaru Kimura 84n9un+4p4n

Plot : While Doraemon is asleep, a famous thief comes and steals his cat-bell. Without his cat-bell, Doraemon starts to act more and more like a normal cat. In order to stop this, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Gian have to go and search for his bell, so they go to a factory where all of Doraemon’s gadgets are made.


制作者:trojan zero1