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■ もしあなたが人気インスタグラマーになったらどんな未来が待っていると思いますか?
♪━ 未来への扉を開けるにはこちらをクリック━♪

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Pokemon Mean with Envy! season 8 episode 24 eng dubbed I Pokemon Advanced Battle I ★ New Legend Pokemon ★

Episode Plot
The heroes have arrived to Pacifidlog Town, where May is training with her Pokémon before her final Contest. Bulbasaur uses Petal Dance, Beautifly with Silver Wind and Combusken with Fire Spin. Ash, Brock and max admires her Pokémon, who are really prepared. May orders Skitty to use Blizzard, but the latter sees an Aipom being given a Pokéblock. Aipom shakes its tail in happiness, and so does Skitty. May explains to Skitty that she can play after the Contest and holds her up. May sees other people’s Pokémon, while Brock notes they have to give their best, especially with one month left before the Grand Festival starts. Max claims May can win this, which makes May thankful for such words and gets support from her Pokémon. Ash is also excited to train and sends his Snorunt. The latter goes to practice Ice Beam, but holds the attack, for something is wrong. Ash asks it what is it and gets hit by the Ice Beam. Snorunt laughs, while Ash shakes his head and tells Snorunt they’ll have to practice more.

Team Rocket sees them and plan on catching Pikachu. Snorunt goes to use Ice Beam and Team Rocket just snuck behind Pikachu. However, before Team Rocket was about to leap towards their enemy, Snorunt attacks and freezes them, then uses Ice Beam at a rapid pace. A trainer’s Aipom gets scared, then runs away; Skitty follows it because of its tail. They run away, so May and the trainer follow them. Ash stops Snorunt, who had some fun with all the trouble it cause. Brock sees there is no dull moment with Snorunt around, though Max notices May is gone. May spots Skitty, who plays with a boy. Skitty comes to her and May introduces herself to the boy, whose name is Joshua, a Coordinator. A girl spots Joshua talking to May, and is somewhat jealous “he” has a new girlfriend.

May tells Joshua she’ll need the fifth, final ribbon for the Grand Festival. Joshua asks her if May is going to use Skitty, but May has not decided that yet. Still, Joshua notes Skitty is well-raised and looks cute. The girl appears before them, being very angry, whom Joshua recognizes her as Erica. Erica sees her and says she’s much cuter than May is, to which Joshua meant Skitty, not May. Erica tells him “that” is what he meant by training separately, for she thinks Joshua likes May a lot. Joshua claims they just met, so Erica claims that was just love at first sight. Erica tells her Joshua and her have known each other for a really long time, thinking they are meant for each other. They have been known to have won the Contests together, and trained together since they were children. Erica tells Joshua to go with her to sign for the Pacifidlog Contest, though Joshua tells her May is coming as well, being a Coordinator herself. Erica gazes at May, claiming she would likely lose against her.

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