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■ もしあなたが人気インスタグラマーになったらどんな未来が待っていると思いますか?
♪━ 未来への扉を開けるにはこちらをクリック━♪

説明:Ely and Ela opens the world’s biggest Hello Kitty Giant Surprise Egg for Ela’s 5th Hello Kitty Birthday Party. Inside the Hello Kitty giant egg surprise three presents, a Hello Kitty Airplane playset, a Hello Kitty Food truck playset, and lots of McDonald’s Happy Meal Hello Kitty toys. When Ela cracks the Hello Kitty giant egg surprise open, Ely in a Hello Kitty costume gives Ela three super cool Hello Kitty presents. Have you ever wondered how to write ‘Hello Kitty’ in Japanese? It’s ハローキティ. This is a super exciting Hello Kitty toyハローキティ トイズ. There are so many Hello kitty toys inside the biggest Hello Kitty giant egg surprise in the world.

The first present is a Hello Kitty money box and Hello Kitty safe with lots of surprise toys inside. Ely covers the camera so no one can see the Hello Kitty safe password. Inside are McDonald’s Happy Meal Hello Kitty toys: Hello Kitty Chef, Hello Kitty Swimming, Hello Kitty Picnic, Hello Kitty Evening Gown, Hello Kitty McCrew, Hello Kitty Tennis, Hello Kitty School Time, and Hello Kitty Night Gown.

The second present is a Hello Kitty Food Truck and Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, also called a Hello Kitty Drive-in Diner. The playset is so cool and comes with Jodie (sorry we thought the character’s name was Thomas!), sandwiches, soda cans, and a table and chairs. The Hello Kitty fast food truck playset comes with burgers, sandwiches, soda, and so much more!

The third present is a Hello Kitty airplane playset. It comes with an awesome Hello kitty pilot and a huge airplane. The Hello Kitty Airlines playset is made by Jada Toys and includes three Hello Kitty characters: Jodie, Fifi and Hello Kitty herself as the pilot. It also has the Hello Kitty Laptop, seat trays for food, and luggage for your trip. There is a Hello Kitty stamp that can be used with the passport and is located within the Hello Kitty camera. This Hello Kitty plane is also called the Hello kitty airlines playset and has a really cool Hello Kitty laptop, Hello Kitty stamps and passport, and a food cart and food in the Hello Kitty playset. It’s one of the best Hello kitty toys in the world.

In this Hello Kitty video, Ely and Ela played with a Hello Kitty food truck, a Hello Kitty airplane, a Hello Kitty playset, and had awesome family fun for everyone making this Hello Kitty video. The girls had fun unboxing Hello Kitty toys and playing with the food truck and airplane. The Hello Kitty airplane playset had an awesome Hello Kitty pilot. These are all super fantastic and fun Hello Kitty toys 2016.

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