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説明:Ela opens the world’s largest Hello Kitty Giant Surprise Egg filled full with Hello Kitty toys and a special Hello Kitty Egg Surprise. But before Ela can open the giant surprise egg, she has to knock on it and find out why the egg is shaking. Ela tries to open the Hello Kitty giant egg by kicking it with her foot, but she can’t crack the egg open. Ela has to hit it with her hands to crack the giant egg surprise. Inside is a Hello Kitty egg surprise and lots of Hello Kitty toys.

The toys inside are: Sanrio Hello Kitty Push Along, Sanrio Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Dragon and Cart, Sanrio Hello Kitty Mini Scooter, Sanrio Hello Kitty Flower Fairy, Sanrio New York Hello Kitty, Sanrio Hello Kitty Shape Sorter, Sanrio Hello Kitty Musical Farmhouse, two Hello Kitty surprise eggs with surprise toys inside, and a Hello Kitty Pez.

Ela open the Hello Kitty Mini Scooter and has Hello Kitty drive around on the floor. Next Ela assembles the Dragon and Cart by putting the dragon in the cart and Daniel on the Dragon, with Hello Kitty going in the cart. Ela plays with the Hello Kitty toys driving them around on the floor. Ela then does Hello Kitty opening to the shape sorter and plays with the shapes sorting them. The Hello Kitty push along is so cute and Ela pushes it on the floor turning the wheels and making a funny sound. Ela does Hello Kitty unboxing of the Hello Kitty Farmhouse and plays with the musical toy. Finally Ela and Ely open the Hello Kitty surprise eggs and the Hello Kitty Pez.

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