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Hello Kitty Surprise Eggs Huevos Sorpresa & Shopkins Vending Machine with Shopkins Blind Basket

説明:Best Play Doh Videos: http://bit.ly/1RMBS03 | SUBSCRIBE:http://bit.ly/1MeXLCP | Shopkins Vending Machine, Shopkins blind Basket & Hello Kitty Surprise Eggs

Hello Kitty is a fictional character who is a happy little girl living in London with her mama, papa, and her twin sister Mimmy. She loves to bake cookies and cupcakes. She is also called: キティ・ホワイト, Kiti Howaito, ハローキティ, Harō Kiti, Kitty White.

Shopkins are cute characters that live in a big Supermarket! They are quite similar to Trash Pack but more like grocery Annoying Talking fruits like Orange, milk, apple, strawberry. Inspired by items found in the grocery store or Supermarket, from Sweet Desserts to Frozen Food. Girls can complete their Shopkins w/ playsets that connect together creating the ultimate Supermarket!

Here’s how Toys are called in other languages: juegos, juguetes, giocattoli, spielwaren, brinquedos, carrinhos, spielsachen, leker, spielzeug, jouets, speelgoed, 玩具,leksaker, खिलौने, игрушки, đồ chơi, oyuncaklar, zabawki, bréagáin, Παιχνίδια, トイズ, ġugarelli, hračky, іграшки, hračky, legetøj, 장난감.

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