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How to make Hello Kitty SteamBun

■ もしあなたが人気インスタグラマーになったらどんな未来が待っていると思いますか?
♪━ 未来への扉を開けるにはこちらをクリック━♪

説明:Healthy version of SteamBun. We use milk instead of water for extra nutrient and taste. Soft and fully even after 3 days.

Best consume within 3days.
You can add your own creativity to make many more character bun.

250 kg Hongkong/Pao Flour
50 gram Castor sugar
2.5gram Baking powder
3 gram Yeast
115ml Warm Milk
1tsp White Vinegar
20g Shortening

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制作者:Andrina Wong