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Slime Surprise Toys – Hide & Seek Game (Hello Kitty, Octopus, Agnes Gru)

説明:We show Monster Jelly Slime Surprise Toys – Hide & Seek Game (Hello Kitty, Octopus, Agnes Gru) – a new YouTube Play & Fun Video for collectors, babies, toddlers, kids & families

Slime was a toy product manufactured by Mattel, sold in a plastic trash can and introduced in the winter of 1976 consisting of a non-toxic viscous, oozing green material made primarily from guar gum.[1] Different variations of Slime were released over the years, including Slime containing rubber insects, eyeballs, and worms and Masters of the Universe Slime for Hordak’s Slime Pit playset in the 1980s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slime_(toy)

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Other translations for viewers from other countries:

*in Korean‬, 한국어: 우리는 표시 몬스터 젤리 슬라임 서프라이즈 장난감 – & 게임 (헬로 키티, 문어, 아그네스 GRU)를 탐색 숨기기 – 새로운 유튜브 가족 & 집, 아기, 유아, 아이를 위해 & 재미있는 비디오를 재생

*in Japanese, 日本語で: 我々は、表示モンスターゼリースライムサプライズおもちゃ – ゜ゲーム(ハローキティ、タコ、アグネスGRU)のシーク隠す – 新しいYouTubeの家族&コレクター、赤ちゃん、幼児、子供のため&楽しいビデオを再生します

*in Thai, ในภาษาไทย: เราจะแสดงให้มอนสเตอร์วุ้นเมือกของเล่นเซอร์ไพร์ส – ซ่อน&แสวงหาเกม (Hello Kitty, ปลาหมึกแอกเนสกรู) – YouTube ที่ใหม่เล่นสนุก&วิดีโอสำหรับการสะสมทารกเด็กวัยหัดเดินเด็ก&ครอบครัว

*in Vietnamese‬, trong tiếng Việt: Chúng tôi thấy quái vật Jelly Slime Surprise Đồ chơi – giấu & Tìm kiếm Game (Hello Kitty, bạch tuộc, Agnes GRU) – một YouTube mới chơi & Fun Video cho thu gom, trẻ sơ sinh, trẻ mới biết đi, trẻ em & gia đình

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